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There are different types of demolition licences, and different types of demolition contractors.

Not all operators can work on residential, commercial and industrial sites.

At Complete Demolition, we do just that.

Not only are we licensed to operate on any demolition job, we complete the job on time.

As the trusted demolition contractors Central Coast clients rely on, we take care of everything.

The demolition industry has come a long way over the past few years, but regulations are tightening all the time.

Environmental Protection

Buildings create a lot of waste when they are demolished.

There could be hundreds of tonnes of material in an apartment block in various materials, such as glass, plastics, brick and concrete.

That’s without the possibility of asbestos or other hazardous substances.

As land becomes more valuable, homeowners and businesses are looking to make the best use of their space.

From city centres to the suburbs, residents and developers often want to make a fresh start.

Many people buy properties specifically to have them demolished and rebuilt.

Especially with older properties, some of the materials used when building them would not be permitted today.

These need to be dealt with in appropriate ways.

Complete Demolition carries out detailed inspections to assess the fallout from any demolition job.

We process all waste through our own recycling plant or at another EPA-compliant depot.

We practise the highest levels of environmental protection.

By recycling your demolished premises, you can actually help the environment by providing precious building resources.

Good Neighbours

All demolition creates airborne dust.

Depending on the location of your site and weather conditions, this could carry and be harmful.

Towns and cities in Australia are often next to wildlife conservation areas or natural heritage sites, which must be protected.

Over the years, the team at Complete Demolitions has delivered satisfactory demolitions for Newcastle clients.

We only operate at appropriate times of the day, week, month or year in accordance with neighbourhood and council guidelines.

Our highly trained team are considerate and professional, as we value our reputation.

We know demolition is a messy enough job without the added stress of non-compliant workers.

In city centres, we work closely with all appropriate authorities to keep disruption to a minimum.

Demolition often involves road closures and transport disruption.

We work to exact time schedules to keep these to a minimum.

More Information

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