Demolition Bateau Bay

A demolition contractor has to have great knowledge about the science of demolition, along with the latest machinery, to be able provide best value for their customer’s money. A demolition job can get highly expensive and time consuming, if you choose the wrong contractor. Here’s what you should consider before making a choice:

  • For demolition in Bateau Bay, choose the demolition contractor providing service in the suburb.
  • Check for a contractor offering the most competitive rates.
  • The contractor must have licensed and insured workmen.
  • Check whether the contractor can provide information on their previous track record
  • Make sure that they use appropriate safety measures while the work is in progress.

If you require demolition in Bateau Bay, you can rely on us as we are one of the best demolition contractors in the area. We at Complete Demolition are renowned for our punctual and efficient demolition service within the suburb. We handle every residential and commercial demolition project with equal amounts of dedication and ensure that the service is completed within the deadlines. With our wide range of services and latest machinery we are capable of providing guaranteed customer satisfaction at highly cost effective rates.

Our Range of Services

As we highly value customer satisfaction, we offer a wide range of services to meet a variety of customer requirements. We are capable of handling any large or small-scale demolition in Bateau bay with the help of our licensed and insured workmen. The services we offer are:

  • Unrestricted Demolition
  • Wood Chipping
  • Mulch, Soil & Firewood Supplies
  • All aspects of Excavation
  • Car parks, Roadways, ovals, Paths
  • Recycling depot
  • Sub Divisions
  • Asbestos Removal
  • All Terrain Land Clearing, Horizontal Grinder
  • Tree Reports, Surgery and Transplants
  • Power line Clearing

With this extensive range of services we cover every aspect of demolition. There is never any break during the process as we have an unrestricted demolition license enabling us to carry out industrial level demolition as well.

Why Choose Us?

At Complete Demolition, we have over 20 year of experience in the demolition field. Our main focus is on  providing a completely environment-friendly service; and we take special care that all the materials removed from the site are either recycled through our recycling depot or sent on to an EPA approved recycling yard. We have handled numerous projects of demolition in Bateau bay, maintaining an impeccable track record. Our company also has a large number of repeat customers who request our services for different projects. They know that the work will be completed within the shortest possible time and in the most expert manner. If you are looking for any residential, commercial or industrial demolition in Bateau Bay, just give us a call on 0424 541 452. You can also choose to email us via the online Email Us Form and our expert will get in touch with in the shortest possible time.