Demolition Newcastle

Demolition is a process that involves huge risks and at times can be dangerous for people and structures in the surrounding area. No matter how small or huge the structure is, it is always best to hire a professional demolition contractor for any demolition work. Due to the huge expenses involved in a demolition project, choosing the right demolition contractors Newcastle becomes very important. If you choose the wrong guy for the job, you will end up spending large amounts of money on an unreliable and an unsafe service. Here are a few tips you can follow while choosing a demolition contractor:

  • Its best to choose a local contractor
  • Make sure that the company uses appropriate safety measures
  • Check their track record and select the contractor with a good reputation
  • Opt for a certified and insured contractor
  • Choose one that offers services at reasonable rates

Conduct research on different companies and only choose one that fits meets all these considerations. If you are looking for demolition in Newcastle, you will want to deal with a company that is well-established and one that will be able to provide customised services. Complete demolition offers an extensive range of services to suit every requirement for demolition in Newcastle.

Our Range of Services

We offer a number of services to suit different demolition requirements. Our company is capable of handling any residential or commercial demolition in Newcastle with efficiency and expertise. We can handle any scale of requirement without delay as we are licensed to carry out unrestricted demolition of any scale. The ranges of services we offer include:

  • All Aspects of Excavation
  • Recycling depot
  • Power line Clearing
  • Sub Divisions
  • Tree Reports, Surgery and Transplants
  • Asbestos Removal
  • Car parks, Ovals, Roadways as well as Paths
  • Wood Chipping
  • Horizontal Grinder
  • All Terrain Land Clearing,
  • Mulch, Soil as well as Firewood Supplies

With this variety of services, we cater to a wide range of requirements. All the services we provide are offered by our highly trained, licensed and insured workmen, who handle every job professionally, skilfully and in a timely manner.

Why Us?

Complete demolition has in excess of 20 years of experience in the demolition industry and is one of the largest companies in the state.  We provide specialised, environment friendly demolition in Newcastle by removing all the materials from the site and sending them to either our own recycling depot/to an EPA approved recycling yard. We also have an unblemished track record and our objective is to provide solutions that are in line with client requirements.

If you need any of our services or professional advice on demolition in Newcastle, just give us a call on 0424 541 452 and we will be happy to help. You can also email us by submitting the online Email Us Form and one of our experts will get in touch with as soon as possible.  Contact us with your requirement today.