How To identify & Remove Asbestos

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If you’re thinking about any kind of renovation or demolition work, you need to consider whether there is any asbestos present in the construction.

While the material is stable enough if not disturbed, any kind of major impact can make asbestos fibres airborne.

Especially in older buildings, asbestos can be a hidden danger.

If you need a wall removing or a whole building demolished, you need to know if you have any asbestos present.

As experts in asbestos removal Central Coast people trust, we keep you and your family or employees safe.

Basic Standards For Asbestos Removal

After conducting a risk assessment on your demolition job, you will know whether or not you have an asbestos problem.

You need properly qualified professionals to carry out a detailed inspection.

Asbestos can be present in ducting and electrical insulation throughout a building.

Often people have asbestos in their homes or places of work without knowing it.

At Complete Demolition, we are an accredited Asbestos Removal Licensed Contractor.

This means you are guaranteed to have a safe and thorough removal of asbestos from your property.

From initial inspection to completion of the job, we maintain the strictest standards.

Obviously, you, your family and or workmates will not be present while we carry out asbestos removal work.

All such operations happen within an exclusion zone defined by NSW state regulations.

Our team are protected by the appropriate equipment and gear, including boots, coveralls, gloves and P2 masks.

Containment and Disposal

As experts in asbestos removal that Central Coast customers turn to, we at Complete Demolition covers all angles.

If we identify asbestos anywhere in your premises, we deal with it from source to disposal. This means decontaminating the whole of your property.

As asbestos becomes airborne when disturbed, we carry out checks to make sure none is present when we leave.

You can be sure that the whole of your property is free from risk, from back fence to garden gate.

We use the latest equipment to make sure your family, friends or employees are at no risk of asbestos poisoning.

We employ the best asbestos disposal methods to dispose of the material correctly.

There are specialised sites around the country which are designed to keep asbestos safely under wraps.

We use the latest, safest methods to transport any asbestos material to these sites safely.

Complete Demolition provides a truly comprehensive asbestos inspection and removal service.

We do not rely on other contractors to carry out any part of our process.

By hiring us, you can be sure you will be well rid of asbestos.

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