How To Prepare Your Home For Demolition

When it’s time to knock down your home or secondary structure, there is a procedure that needs to be followed prior to demolition. At Complete Demolition, we want all homeowners contemplating demolition to know what steps to take in order to ensure it’s a smooth and legal process. Take a look at our blog below to find out more.


Demolishing a home is something that can only be completed by trained professionals. At Complete Demolition, we provide safe and affordable demolitions on the Central Coast that you can rely on. From inspection to permits and completion—our demolition experts handle the process from start to finish.


Council approval is required before a demolition is conducted. That’s where Complete Demolition comes in. We obtain the necessary permits required before fulfilling the home demolition.


Unfortunately, demolishing a home is a noisy process. By letting your neighbours know the date of the demolition, you are doing the considerate thing, as well as avoiding a potential complaint to council down the line.


House demolitions, although contained, can still cause an impact on surrounding trees. For trees that are within the demolition perimeter, they should be removed in order to prevent damage, not only to the trees, but also any property that may be in its way.


Up until the 1980s, asbestos was a common material used in house constructions. If your property was constructed before 1990, an asbestos inspection is required before it can be demolished. At Complete Demolitions, we provide affordable asbestos surveys, analysis and disposals to ensure your property is demolition ready.


Before your home can be demolished, it’s important that all your utilities are switched off and your insurance provider is informed of your intentions to demolish the property. The electric, gas and water companies must be informed of your demolition well beforehand in order to arrange the cancellation.


Let’s not forget what’s inside your home—your belongings. In order to ensure the demolition is completed on-time, make sure all your furniture and belongings are removed prior. This also includes outside furniture, toys, etc.

At Complete Demolitions, we will discuss with you in detail the procedure required in order to make your home demolition on the Central Coast a stress-free experience. There are many variables involved with demolition that most people are unaware of, but with the help of our expert team, we will have it knocked down safely and legally in no time at all.

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