Second Hand Building Materials

With global warming on the rise, it’s become important to transition to greener and more sustainable living. Many people are now making extra efforts to choose building and amenity options that will be more sustainable. And luckily it’s easy to do this today. While it’s not very difficult to find energy-efficient installations and building materials, there is one more excellent and cost-effective way of doing your bit for the environment and benefiting in the bargain too.

We at Complete Demolition provide second hand building materials that can be used in your own building projects or even for any renovation work you may be carrying out on your residential or commercial property. These materials are all acquired from our demolition storm damaged building projects and most are in a very good condition. You will find these building feature installations to be made of good materials and maybe all you would need to do is paint them or polish them to make them look as good as new.

Demolition of storm damaged structures

We are a very environment conscious company and while we conduct our business in a very responsible manner, we take extra efforts to ensure that we recycle as many of these materials as possible. We cover end-to-end demolition of industrial, commercial and residential spaces and once these structures are demolished, we transport various useful installations to our yard. We have a large number of customers coming in to buy these materials. Many people have found very good condition doors and windows etc that would complement the ones they already have in their home.

When it comes to remodelling or extension of existing structures, many property owners find that building trends have changed and so have the materials that are used. They find it difficult to get certain fixtures that will match the ones that already exist on their home. This is when they come to our yards to buy second hand materials, too.

Different Materials

Most of the structures we demolish are old and the timber that we salvage is very well seasoned and very strong too. The different types of materials that you can buy from us are:

  • Hardwood – Beams, Floor Joists & Posts
  • Flooring – T & G – Cypress & different hardwood variety of various widths
  • Decking and flooring
  • Weather boards – rusticated, half splayed, hardy-plank, log cabin, & weathertex
  • Treated pine
  • Floorboards – all sizes
  • Roofing iron
  • Weatherboards
  • Windows – aluminium & timber
  • Internal & External doors
  • Roof tiles
  • Steel beams & arch bars
  • Sliding doors
  • Pavers, bricks and concrete piers
  • Gates and fencing
  • Hot Water Systems & sinks

When it comes to second hand building materials, you will truly find a large variety with us. We have a large number of returning customers as they are able to get very seasoned, durable and good quality materials at reasonable rates. For more information, call Complete Demolition at this number 0424 541 452. You can also contact us via email.