Tips for Choosing the Right Demolition Contractors

demolition contractors at work

There are many factors to consider if you’re thinking about hiring demolition contractors.

By definition, any demolition job is a major undertaking.

This can be daunting, whether you’re a home-owner or responsible for a business or factory.

If you’re in the Central Coast area, we at Complete Demolition believe we offer the best, most comprehensive service available.

With over 20 years in the business, we are the demolition contractors that Newcastle residents and business owners trust.

Here’s what to look for:


Modern regulations applying to demolition are getting ever stricter.

This means everything from health and safety of contractors to the likely impact on the local environment.

While not all demolition contractors are capable of moving with the times, the team at Complete Demolition welcomes ever stricter safety regulations.

Make sure your chosen demolition contractor is capable of complying with all environmental protection laws.

Every demolition job should start with a risk assessment survey, which covers all local, state and national laws.

State laws vary slightly, so what might apply in New South Wales might not be the same as in Queensland.

Depending on the size and make up of your demolition job, a contractor may be more or less capable of keeping their promises.

Older buildings especially are more likely to have hazardous materials as part of their design or decoration.

This can be especially true in older office blocks.


By using a local demolition contractor, you are more likely to get a good idea of their reputation.

Local businesses and homeowners go back to what they trust.

As demolition contractors that Newcastle customers return to, we at Complete Demolition confidently carry out all jobs to the safest of standards.

As well as local opinion, the business community nationally has a list of contractors whom they trust.

Demolition is a specialist industry, which requires experience and constant attention.

If a company has a good name, other demolition operators will acknowledge this freely.

If your house, office block, factory or farm has asbestos or other hazardous material somewhere, you need to know.

Failure to identify such things can be very costly in all sorts of ways.

If you don’t dispose of it responsibly the NSW Environment Protection Authority (EPA) could impose huge fines to your property.

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