Firewood & mulch on the Central Coast


High-quality Mulch & Firewood

Complete Demolition offers quality eucalyptus firewood and hardwood mulch made from recycled building timbers. We are an unrestricted demolitions and excavations contractor and also provide certified Arborist tree services.

We find ourselves with a constant supply of good-quality materials as a result from structures that we demolish and trees that we remove during land clearing projects.
Firewood — Firewood & Mulch in Central Coast, NSW
Hardwood Mulch — Firewood & Mulch in Central Coast, NSW

Hardwood Mulch

We accumulate hardwood timbers from buildings that we demolish, trees that we lop, and stumps that we grind. We process them into high-quality mulch that is perfect for numerous types of gardening and landscaping projects. Getting your mulch from us is much safer than trying to chip hardwood on your own. Call us today to discuss our great prices!


Our customers love our eucalyptus wood, which is concentrated with resinous oils that make it burn hot and bright. Complete Demolition is known in the region as a supplier of high-quality firewood that’s locally sourced and always free of disease.
Stack Of Firewoods — Firewood & Mulch in Central Coast, NSW

Our firewood is the perfect choice

For indoor and outdoor fireplaces, wood stoves, wood heaters, fire pits, pizza ovens, wood smokers, and of course, campfires! Eucalyptus wood is prized for the intense and long-lasting heat it emits, even on the coldest nights of the year. Some of our customers like to mix the eucalyptus with other types of wood to lessen the heat that it puts off.

Complete Demolition has been delivering firewood to clients throughout the Central Coast, Hunter Valley and Newcastle for more than 20 years.