Recycled materials on the Central Coast


Quality Recycled Materials

We have a full-service recycling depot for building materials on the Central Coast. At Complete Demolition, we are the experts. We utilise eco-friendly processes to deal with various types of waste materials and focus on recycling and reusing whenever it is feasible to do so.
Recycled Building Materials — Recycled Materials in Central Coast, NSW
Recycled Timber— Recycled Materials in Central Coast, NSW

Benefits of Recycling

When we recycle products, we take great care when removing products from demolition sites, so we can convert them into reusable building items. In doing so, there is less environmental impact through less junk and waste being sent to landfill. Valuable resources such as glass, metals, wood, and other building materials are recycled and used in other forms.

Combining Demolition & Recycling

Complete Demolition is one of the largest demolition services in NSW. While we cover all aspects of demolition in residential, commercial and industrial spaces, we take care to ensure that a large number of things are categorised as recycled materials in the Central Coast.

We hold an unrestricted demolitions licence and cover all aspects of demolition in residential and commercial projects.
  • A small backyard that has to be cleaned
  • A large construction site that requires soil remediation services
  • A shopping centre complex that has to be demolished
  • A storm damaged structure that needs demolition
Demolition Bricks For Recycling— Recycled Materials in Central Coast, NSW
Brickwall — Recycled Materials in Central Coast, NSW

Why Use Recycled Building Materials?

Recycling building materials is not just about minimising environmental waste, its also about providing:

  • affordable solutions for building
  • materials that no longer are made new
  • materials to achieve a look and feel that you are after with your building project

Many people are now making extra efforts to choose building and amenity options that will be more sustainable. Complete Demolition provides second-hand building materials that can be used in your building projects. These materials are all acquired from our demolition, or storm-damaged building projects and most are in very good condition.

Second-hand Building Materials

The different types of materials that you can buy from us are:
  • Roof tiles
  • Floorboards
  • Roofing iron
  • Sliding doors
  • Treated pine
Complete Demolition also offers a wide range of second-hand:
  • Weatherboards
  • Gates & fencing
  • Decking & flooring
  • Steel beams & arch bars
  • Internal & external doors
  • Hot water systems & sinks
Additionally, we offer affordable and high-quality second-hand:
  • Aluminium & timber windows
  • Pavers, bricks & concrete piers
  • Hardwood beams, floor joists & posts
  • Flooring—cypress & different hardwood variety of various widths
  • Weatherboards—rusticated, half-splayed, hardy plank, log cabin & Weathertex
We are an environmentally conscious company, and our team takes every step to ensure that we recycle as many of these materials as possible. Most of the structures we demolish are old, and the timber that we salvage is in very good condition and strong too.

With us, environmental protection is high on the priority list; all materials that we remove from the site are effectively recycled- they may be handled at our very own recycling depot or we may send the things to an EPA-approved recycling yard-where everything will be redistributed or sorted.

When it comes to second-hand building materials, you will find a large variety with us. For more information, call or email our friendly staff today.